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Governor Register of Business Interest

Register of Interests declared 2023-24

Last updated: 7 December 2023

Governor       Name of Organisation Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date Declared
Alex Palinski Nothing to declare - - 06/02/24
Angela Pirie Nothing to declare 19/09/23
Carol Harrower Nothing to declare     19/09/23
Chris Bullett Surrey Country Council Council Spouse employee teacher 19/09/23
Denise Meade Nothing to declare - - 19/09/23
Joanne Bennett Forest School - Runs Forest School 20/09/23
Kam Ahmad Nothing to declare - - 19/09/23
Mark Josse

Surrey County Council

Surrey Kings Chess



Chess Coach

Partner employee - teacher

Runs Chess Club at school & other schools

Mary Sharpe Nothing to declare 12/09/23
Reanne Halford-Jarvis Nothing to declare - - 19/09/23

Sherry Husselbury

Nothing to declare 








Tracy Good

Surrey County Council




Contracted to Ofsted


Contracted to SAfE

Personal Contracts with other schools

Co-opted Governor at The Grange





School Inspection

Spouse employee – teacher

Son employee - TA

Daughter employee - TA