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Attendance & Absence

The school staff, alongside the LEA, firmly believes that regular school attendance is key to achieving the five outcomes of Every Child Matters (staying healthy, enjoying and achieving, keeping safe, contributing to the community, and social and economic well-being). Research clearly demonstrates a link between regular attendance and educational progress and attainment. We will do all we can to encourage parents/carers to ensure that the children in their care achieve maximum possible attendance and that any problems that prevent full attendance are identified and acted on promptly.


We expect that all pupils will:

  • attend school regularly;
  • attend school punctually;
  • attend school appropriately prepared for the day;
  • discuss immediately, with their Classteacher or another adult in school, any problems that deter them from attending school.

We expect that all parents/carers/persons who have day to day responsibility for the children and young people will:

  • encourage regular school attendance and be aware of their legal responsibilities;
  • ensure that the child/children in their care arrive at school punctually, prepared for the day;
  • ensure that they contact the school whenever the child/children is unable to attend school;
  • contact the school on the first day of the child’s absence;
  • contact the school promptly whenever any problem occurs that may keep the child away from school.
  • notify the school immediately of any changes to contact details;
  • notify the school of any home circumstances that might affect the behaviour and learning of their child.

Students leaving during the school day

  • Pupils are not permitted to leave the premises without prior permission from the school.
  • Whenever possible, parents should try to arrange medical and other appointments outside of school time;
  • Parents are requested to confirm in writing the reason for any planned absence, the time of leaving and the expected time of return.
  • Parents must sign children out on leaving school and sign them back in on their return.
  • If a child leaves the school site without permission their parents will be contacted. Should the school be unable to make contact with the family it may be appropriate, in certain circumstances, to contact the Police to register the child as a missing person.

Registration and Punctuality

Punctuality to school is crucial. Lateness to school causes disruption to that individual’s learning and to that of the other pupils in the class. It is paramount therefore that all pupils arrive at school on time.

  • Registration takes place at 8.55am and students who arrive after 9.00am will be recorded as late for school.
  • If a pupil arrives at school after 9.15am the parent/carer must sign in the late book to ensure their presence on site is noted, particularly in the case of a fire drill.
  • Morning registration will close at 9.30am. If a pupil arrives after this time, the lateness will be recorded as a U code (an unauthorised absence) and can be subject to prosecution by the local authority.
  • Lateness will be dealt with through the school monitoring system and may be referred to Education Welfare.
  • Afternoon registration will take place at 1pm
  • The school day ends at 3.20pm each day